About Us

Your aerospace partner

The Moravian Aerospace Cluster was established in 2010 as an association of aircraft companies having as a join objective the development of competitive aircraft industry. The Cluster acts in the region of south-eastern Moravia and the center of its activities is located in Kunovice where its important member companies have their place of business, i.e. 5M, Aircraft Industries and Evektor.

The Cluster consists of 14 industrial companies, professional high schools and technical universities. More than 2000 people work in the participating companies. The overall turnover for the year 2012 exceeded € 200 mil.

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Our Mission


Innovation in the aircraft industry is a key factor for enhancing effectiveness of aircraft transport.


Close cooperation with high schools and universities ensures continuous education of employees, development of new technologies and easy transfer of new skills to practice 


Involvement in significant development and research projects within the Czech Republic and within the European Union enables to gain additional financial sources for research

Our Vision

The vision which MAC strives to accomplish is integration of production, development and research activities of individual members and creation of a complex offer for cooperation.

Our Skills

R&D and Design 80%
Manufacturing 70%
Certification 60%
Testing capabilities 90%
Special technologies 90%